Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is confidence?

Has anyone ever told you to be more confident? Has anyone said you are overly confident? What did they mean? How do you define confidence?

Confidence is:
  • Promoting oneself without putting others down
  • Saying "no" without falling over oneself to explain and apologize yet still demonstrating empathy
  • Maintaining composure when others criticize
  • Taking credit or blame when due.
Do you agree with this description? If not, how do you define confidence? What might you add or change in this description?

Would you say you are confident?


  1. I agree with these points above and would add confidence is:

    Taking and accepting calculated risk believing in one's idea to achieve a goal; and standing up for one's ideas regardless of what others think. I think confidence and courage have some overlapping.

    Are we confident? I don't think we can make an absolute statement. There are times when one is skeptical about outcomes, I guess confidence is variable and relative.

  2. For me confidence seems to be situation-dependent. I would like to be able to have confidence -- and take calculated risks -- in all areas of my life but time and again I see myself holding back in certain areas.