Monday, September 21, 2009

The Marva Collins Way

How can we cultivate the seed of greatness in our children, our spouses, ourselves; in our direct reports, our colleagues, and those to whom we report?


  1. Illysa this is a great question, and I think as first step is to define greatness.

    For some greatness means establishing a business empire of a conglomerate of multinational businesses, for some else greatness could be mentoring an orphan child, for a third greatness could be sharing guidance with a person seeking peace and harmony, and for a fourth it could be a mother raising a great child.

    Greatness in my opinion is delivering a true value to those around us - our children, spouses, neighbors, society and the creation of God - with the intention of pleasing our Creator, and not for the intention of being called a great person.

  2. Defining greatness -- you're right that's the first step. And each person has to define it for himself, just as we each have to decide what leads us to feel satisfied or happy.

    I'll go with your definition -- any other ideas in the group?